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TradingTech Summit London

BCC Group is excited to announce that we are sponsoring TradingTech London again this year. On February 29th Bill Bierds, President BCC Group, will be speaking on a panel titled: Disruptive innovation in market data – what does the future look like?

Our view is that the future of market data is neutral platforms delivering market data from any source via the public cloud. We are years from this being the norm, but the technology is ready now and we have proven this at a top 5 asset manager in the US. This client deployed the ONE Platform in the AWS Cloud. They are receiving real-time streaming, intraday, inter-day, snapshot, and historical data. The data sets are equities to full OPRA. Failover is being done within region and disaster recovery is cross region, all seamless and timely.

Please join us at TradingTech and swing by our booth and let's talk! Here is the link:

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