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It is important that each business unit understands why this journey will be so advantageous. Whether your end game is new revenue sources, improved customer experience, cost savings, risk avoidance, or process improvement, the ONE Platform is the catalyst for positive change.

C-Level/Executive Management

  • The Market Data business has been virtually frozen in time for 30+ years

  • The cost of Market Data is approaching $40B annually

  • Contracts have gotten more restrictive and painful to change

  • Competition is needed to rebalance and improve the negotiating position of the data consumer

  • The ONE Platform in the cloud introduces competition through neutrality

Business/Client Facing Team

  • Reliable and performant data at a reasonable cost is primary

  • Access to exactly the right data sets to meet client requirements is needed 

  • Changing a data provider should be less painful with fewer penalties

  • The ONE Platform allows the business to change data sources easily with minimal technical impact

Compliance and Audit

  • Protecting against exchange audits is tantamount

  • A robust entitlement system with a full set of reports is table stakes

  • The entitlement system should be shared across all data providers to avoid errors

  • Visibility to data usage needs to be end to end with no chance for exceptions

  • The Multi-Source Entitlement Control Service (MECS) is a core component of the ONE Platform


  • Infrastructure is screaming for modernization

  • Orchestration tools need to be adopted across the organization

  • The cloud represents a particular opportunity to take a giant step forward

  • Reliability and resilience needs to be guaranteed and easy to test

  • The environment needs to be easy to support and monitor

  • The ONE Platform is built on top of cloud ready technology

  • It is built with with containers and full orchestration

Procurement and Vendor Management

  • Continuous monitoring of data usage needs to be readily available

  • This access needs to be possible across all vendors in a common way

  • Reports needs to flexible and available ad-hoc

  • As with compliance, proactive audit avoidance should introduced

  • Integration between the contract management system and the entitlement systems needs to automated

  • Negotiation with data providers can only be effective if the market data platform is neutral

  • The ONE Platform makes all this possible with entitlement control and vendor flexibility

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