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The One Platform

It begins with a platform that is neutral and does not sell data. This allows the data consumers to select the best data provider for their business. All data in the ONE Platform is fully entitled.  All components are containerized and ready for the cloud.


Entitlement and Reporting is table stakes for the market data business. The Multi-source Entitlement Control Service (MECS) permissions all data sources and data types whether publishing or subscribing.


Perform real-time calculations with centralized logging, eliminating compliance problems (extendable calculation capabilities through third-party libraries)


The Multi Source Integration Cache Array is a high performance cache backend for integrating different sources and different technologies to make them appear as one.

Excel Add-In

Customizable Excel-based interface for viewing market data.


Financial Contribution Exchange - Global, Regional or Inter-corporate Contribution in the cloud or on premises. Fully entitled and proven technology for data exchange as a service


A simple and fully customizable data viewer. An inexpensive alternative for operational teams that do not need access to high function terminals.

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