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Our Mission

We are defining the Future of Market Data through the use of neutral platforms and cloud technology. Whether you are streaming real-time data or requesting historical data, BCC Group is leveling the playing field between data consumers and data providers. Our goal in this evolutionary step is to simplify access, improve the quality of data, slow price acceleration, and improve customer service.

Who we are 

Cloud first technology in the private, public or hybrid cloud

Over 20 Years of experience in the market data business

1000's of data sets from many of the major providers

Fully neutral because we do not sell data

Who We Are

BCC Group is a software house specialized in the development and delivery of high-quality software solutions for the financial industry. For nearly over two decades we have been supporting customers in the area of market data technology, market data processes, calculation engineering, applications integration, and spreadsheet technology. BCC Group’s core competence is the development of solutions based on financial market data feeds (Bloomberg, FactSet, ICE, Refinitiv, Morningstar, IRESS, etc.). This includes full Excel Integration for publishing and subscribing to market data.

BCC Group is a development partner of Solace and was the first partner company distributing Solace technology in Europe. Based on Solace Messaging Technology BCC Group has developed the ONE Platform for the high-speed distribution of bank-owned, permission controlled Financial Market Data. BCC Group also developed the first Bloomberg Feed Handler with full EMRS control connected to Solace serving customers based all over the world. BCC Group maintains strong development partner relationships with FactSet, ICE, IRESS, Morningstar, Bloomberg, Refinitiv, IBM Google, AWS, Microsoft, MongoDB, Solace, and many others.


7 Global Offices


BCC Group International
Brüsseler Straße 1-3

60327 Frankfurt


BCC Group International
11 W. Jackson, Suite 1700
US-60604 Chicago, Illinois


BCC Group International
Bahnhofstraße 100
CH-8001 Zurich

New York

BCC Group International
77 Water Street, 8th Floor
US-10005 Manhattan, New York


BCC Group International
Tower Hill, 3 Minster Court
UK-EC3R 7DD London


BCC Group International
101 Thomson Road, United Square
SGP-307591 #06-01/06,

Sao Paulo

BCC Group International
Nações Unidas Avenue, Eldorado Building, 17th Floor
BR-8501 Pinheiros, Sao Paulo


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